What I have learned…..

What have I learned throughout this journey?

I have learned how I never want to make my students feel and how I always want my students to feel. I have learned a whole bucket load of new acronyms which align with teaching and behavioural management strategies and some of these have been added to my ever expanding toolkit. I have continued to build pedagogical knowledge which will contribute to the kind of learning environment and culture I wish to create for my future students to thrive in.

I have learned how important it is to allow students the time to build knowledge and practice and experiment with concepts and new learning and have seen first hand how detrimental it is not to allow this. I have learned about myself, I continue to be passionate about education children especially in the early years and I believe everyone could learn by observing the authentic learning that takes place within any quality early learning environment. I have learned that I want to continue to inspire students to believe in themselves and to build their individual competencies and capabilities. I have an ultimate goal and vision that I will be able to contribute to every one of my future students developing a positive view of themselves as successful learners in their own right which will contribute to a strong foundation to build upon throughout their lifelong learning journeys.

ICT-wise I have learned to ‘stay calm and Google’, to always have a ‘plan B’.  I have developed a whole lot of new fancy tricks and have learnt that ultimately it is important to focus upon how ICTs can be integrated to support the and enhance the teaching and learning experiences rather than what ICTs are going to be used.  I have also learned without any doubt at all that it is not physically or mentally healthy to spend a large proportion of each day and everyday staring at a screen.  Real relationships matter and it may be necessary that I book an appointment to see an optometrist and a therapist when I eventually close this chapter of my story…. or even better a weekend full of therapy with family and friends .

Along the way I built upon existing knowledge and was reminded of some valuable lessons. I refreshed my knowledge in regards to never being to proud to ask for help and in not letting negative corrosive personalities affect my own outlook or my journey.  I remembered that this type of behaviour is usually a reflection of who that person is rather than who I am. I have been reminded that in order to inspire enthusiasm and a passion for learning in others it is important that I model and reflect these attributes towards my own learning journey.

Most of all I have learned that I definitely want to be a teacher! My amazing mentor from my professional placement believes that I will make a great school teacher, but honestly at this stage I am firmly at peace with my decision to become a Kindy teacher. Although who knows what the future may bring?  I know anything is possible, I know I can make a difference and although it may not be a graceful journey to the ultimate destination, I know I can do this!


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